Wireless Communication Chipset Market Rises With The Growth In PC And Tablets Users


A wireless chipset or wireless adapter or wireless internet card is an internal hardware design used in computer or wireless communication systems to communicate with other wireless enabled devices. These chipsets are primarily used in hardware including external wireless local area network (WLAN) adapters or WLAN cards. The most common wireless chipsets used in computers is wireless cards with 802.11g or 802.11b wireless technology.

The global wireless communication chipset market observed significant growth in the past three years after the economic recession in 2009. The developed market of North America represents the largest regional market by value. Asia-Pacific represents the fastest growing market due to the rapidly growing IT sector coupled with the mobile phones market in emerging countries such as India and China.

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Recent advancements in microelectronic and software sectors have significantly improved the functionality and scalability of real-time embedded systems, which has increased the use of wireless chipsets in embedded systems. Some other driving factors for this market include rapid growth in the PC and tablets market, launch of new frequency bands in emerging countries, and technology advancement in communications protocol. However, complex embedded systems have increased the cost of manufacturing and rapidly changing technological needs will be the restraints for this market. .

Based on types, the global market for wireless communication chipsets is segmented into Wi-Fi/ wireless chipsets, mobile WiMAX chipsets, wireless video/display chipsets, ZigBee chipsets and LTE chipsets. Based on IEEE standards, the global market for wireless communication chipsets is segmented into 802.11n, 802.11a/b/g/h, 802.11ac, 802.11ad, 802.15.3c, 802.16e 802.16m, and 802.15.4.The market is segmented based on special chipsets into HD and traditional for wireless display chipsets, low-power and traditional for Wi-Fi/WLAN chipsets, combination and stand-alone chipsets for Mobile WiMAX chipsets, single and multi mode for LTE chipsets and single-protocol and multi-protocol for ZigBee chipsets.

Full Report with TOC is Available at : http://goo.gl/ypV4SI

Some of the major companies in this industry include, Altair Semiconductor, Inc., Atmel Corporation, Amimon Ltd., Broadcom Corporation, Gainspan Corporation, Freescale Semiconductor, Inc., GCT Semiconductor Inc., Intel Corporation, and Greenpeak Technologies Ltd.

Geographies analyzed under this research report include

North America

Asia Pacific


Rest of the World

This report provides comprehensive analysis of

Market growth drivers

Factors limiting market growth

Current market trends

Market structure

Market projections for upcoming years


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